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Get a New Lock

Ultion Key Cutting in Hertfordshire
At Bits and Bobs and Beyond in Knebworth, we take pride in providing you with our in-house services. 

If you have just moved in to a new house, a new flat, a new business or commercial premesis; CHANGE YOUR LOCKS! 

Who else has a copy of the keys? 
How long has that lock been there? 

Often overlooked; we move in and get down to changing our new place to be just how we want it, but, isnt securing your property very important? Even if you have a great door, even if you have the only keys, is it a good lock? What about your back door? Many houses have standard, relatively cheap locks that can be easily snapped. Make it a priority to change your door locks as soon as you can after moving in. Not only will this better secure your property, but it will give you piece of mind that only those that should have a key, do!

With Ultion 3 Star Locks you have the best available lock for your property. 

We can also supply a huge range of other good quality locks as well, Yale, ERA, Asec, Abus, Banham, and even more, so please call us on 01438582700, or message us by Whatsapp to 07424222592, or email on and we can advise you on what may be the right solution for you.

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